Sunday, January 08, 2012

Eco Warrior

Isn't it cute?? My friend Kat made this one for her classmate it is made of scrapbooking materials and also she used newspapers and brown envelope for the background.... 

She also made the cute green heart..very creative

I asked her... why Ecowarrior? why don't you put his name instead?

Kat: Because my friends and I were promoting the use of paper bags instead of plastic bags
Me: Ohhhh is that so..
Kat: yeah .. 

And I love her idea of being environmentally friendly.. Let's save our mother earth

Let's start helping our mother earth buy doing simple stuffs like   minimizing the use of Styrofoams and plastic bags at the grocery store... 
- Let's walk if our destination is not that far.. 
- recycle stuffs that are recyclable ..
- Stop burning plastics . it may harm or ozone layer..
- Let's do gardening and composting,,

Let's make our world a better place to live in.. Free from pollutants and other harmful chemicals that can harm our health... 

Nowadays there are lots of catastrophic events that had happened and it destroyed lots of properties , infrastructural and even the lives of innocent people .. We suffer floods and landslides this past few months..  and what's the reason behind?? we people are the one to be blame.. we do illegal logging, "kaingin", mining, destroying mountain and making it subdivisions , throwing garbage anywhere, burning plastics, dynamite fishing and a lot more... this activity can kill our mother earth and we people are too blind of what our acts can lead to... some kill animals for fun and doesn't even think that these animals have their own family..  

We people are breaking the cycle by doing too much.. We asked for too much.. Our environment provides food for us, shelter, clothing, and in return we must do take good care of it... 

i'm so sad that their are a lot of people heartless people still continuing harmful activities... I hope that we will be enlighten  and do actions for the benefit or our mother earth.....  

Let's not wait for what tomorrow may bring .. Let's start the change .......... 

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