Thursday, May 31, 2012

We own the night

It was a blessed Saturday evening for us girls… at last we’re reunited and celebrated nang Vincent’s 22nd birthday… we’ve been in the same dorminatory before under the care of nuns.. i remember having a curfew at 8 in the evening were some of us students have classes that ends at around 8:30 but then i’m so glad that i become a part of this family that i’ve met these people and we build a wonderful friendship together…

for the theme of this celebration… animal prints..where we were like roaring tigers , leopards and me a cute cab lol…

meet the birthday celebrant VICENT MARIE CONDIMAN and we're messin' around while taking photos we're like a human background lol
Shoes- primadona

with my dear dormate lunlun. . coz we're sexy and free. .  and the c cupcake. . .
with my ever great friend kat. .

Shoesso-fab,  Dresskorean dresses, Belt- DIY
i'm  wearing a chiffon dress from a local korean store… i like it coz it’s so classy, and elegant…i think this animal print dress is sexy as well but it does maintain a conservative and girly look…

i also got this cute necklace at the same store where i bought my dress…
it does match my dress… i wore my fave glads coz i don’t want to ruin my night partying with my friends and i feel comfortable wearing this during night outs…\\
i feel like i've eaten a lot with all this mess but their mango shake is the best

starving to death lol. . .  me thinking oohh i want to eat pizza now

i will miss you everybody till next time party all night. . . 

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Monday, May 28, 2012

black and white. . my little zebra

It's been crazy nowadays that a lot i mean not just a lot but almost chics out there love animal prints. . . . hahahah and i'm one of them who is a fan of animal prints. . 

it's been a couple of months that i haven't updated my page .. I've been super busy and focused on this upcoming NLE and for my viewers i'm asking for your little support and prayers as well. thanks a lot. ..\='-'=\

not to mention that i love korean shops they have a lots of cute dresses and the sizes do fit on me precisely  and the fact that they are affordable.. i have been buying on these shops on casual basis. you don't need to buy expensive garments to be fashionable it is how you handle yourself and be comfortable on what you wear and the CONFIDENT!!
 i can't say that the textile of these dresses can meet someone's standards or have this high quality coz it is low price but if you handle it carefully and with care you can prolong the usage of these dresses. . .

  ='-'= see how my hair loves me hahah )lol)

 I'm using "Man with camera" an android application for taking these photos... i'm just a fan of these application  see my post about this at

  what i love about this dress is this cute collar i feel i'm indeed a true zebra. . .