Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pastels for summer

summer is fast approaching ,bright colored jeans, floral dresses,. pastels can be a top list in your fashion statement. It's freakin' hot this following days .. some inspirations for summer trendy look








Friday, February 24, 2012

Crazy over shoes #1

They + Us = service & happiness ♥

It's been a great week for us ... I with my group were so blessed to be joining the medical-surgical mission sponsored by the lion's club... It's been a tiring day for us student nurses and it is an opportunity for us to meet other people outside our country... there were lots of Canadians joining this mission and for them helping the in need is a great privileged for them... And also for us being a part of this mission

We assisted in doing minor surgery, giving away free eyeglasses and sunglasses, free vitamins and check-ups. Eventhough we are not in the same race but our mission our vision go hand in hand in helping people. The UAPM volunteers had done their job in making this a successful one ...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Heart's Day Special

My most awaited event's of the year,,, and especially for those people who have their partner with them celebrating valentine's day with full of love... hai and for me i'm gonna see Clint (mah boyfriend) every weekend coz i'm residing on the other town.. 

and When February 14 came i hurriedly check my FB account to check on whose gonna greet me a happy valentine and on my surprise Clint did so i'm so touch coz he havent greeted my on FB for our 6 years of being together and it is the first time to greet me happy valentines with iloveyou... and not to mention for 6 year OMG im so happy and it is exactly 12 in the midnight of 14... then at around 6 he texted me and ask me to go home this afternoon coz he have something to give me...

And as his loving girlfriend ( hahahha no reactions) i did so... We haven't spend a lot of time together coz he have a work until 8 .. we did our dinner at our house and to my surprise he handed me a big frame and there was his huge portrait of me on it... i'm so touch and it is much nicer if the portrait were the two of us.. but sadly we don't have tons of picture to choose from... 

After dinner he just spend i think 30 mins then he went home.. i feel bad coz he is not feeling well and he have a high fever,.. i did gave him a massage to soothe is feeling ( hahah i feel like i'm a sweet GF)

I don't know but the two of us always put up fight i don't know why for just simple things like lack of quality time together and of course he thinks too much about me hahahahha... And he's kinda prepossessing but  i love him still...

For my outfit at the photo...

Not to mention that me and michelle phan had the same headband and it is great.. that i love her make-ups and tutorials

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A sweet valentine present from a friend..

It's valentines that day and for us.. we're so busy at our duty as a Practicing head nurse and under me were the second year students.... hahah i've got to exercise my brains this time....='-'=

one of my classmates JC.. made a cute valentine video present for us girls in the room.. it is so sweet that he had showed some love and effort in making this one....

 so here is the vid. that he made for us.. thank you so much JC

Monday, February 06, 2012

Terrifying Earthquake hits Negros , February 6, 2012

on my disbelief a high intensity hits our town Negros Occidental and nearby yesterday. there where lots of infrastructures and roads where affected and also some of the bridges in the area. It is said to be an intensity of 6.2.. Luckily my hometown was not affected that much and all classes in Bacolod City where postponed due to that catastrophic event. They were some people reported who got hurt and also some buildings were damaged..

this was a tragic event for those people who were located in the areas falls to a high intensity.. Examinations were going on in this week and yesterday it was cancelled.. some of my resources said that they can't concentrate on their studies nor prepare for tomorrow's examination due to this event. Some students who were staying away from home, in the apartments or boarding houses said that they worry a lot in regards to their family who were left at home they were terrified and to them this can be a traumatic event if this earthquake still continues. It is really indeed a remarkable one to us in Negros. and the effect of the earthquake was huge in the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person.

I was at school back then when suddenly the chairs are moving , i was staying in the library with my friends . at first i thought that one of my friends had just making fun of us. then i finally realize that the floor in which i was standing was also moving , so i grabbed my bag and went outside.. all the faculties and staffs evacuated in the area.. i was so scared back then staying in my apartment for i was left alone and my sister went home and my friend Kat was not around. then suddenly there were minor aftershocks that we felt. 

Our duty in the hospital (nocturnal shift was cancelled) and to our concern with our patients who have fractures and also with others who was experiencing a lot of pain this is such a traumatic event to them and my cause a lot of stress..

As a concern citizen , please pray for our fellowmen, for those people who had experience a lot in this tragedy, to our country .. for this time only our prayers can save us... may our loved ones will stay safe and be guided my HIS blessings and spirit throughout the day,, may this event will not happen again nor will not cause a lot of trauma and damage. AMEN. 

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Prom Ideas.. and inspirations

Hola!! It's February and this month is all i've been waiting for..and we all know that during this month we celebrate Valentines day , full of love and happiness and for me this is the most awaited month for those people who had been planning for so long for their Prom day... 

- Finding on what are the perfect pieces that suits you... cocktail dresses and gowns
- Having beauty rest..
- Finding your perfect date or waiting for someone who will invite you to be his/her escort during that day
-thinking who will invite you for their first and last dance
and of course be chosen as the Prom Queen and King... 
and I'm not also the one who had experienced a lot tension when Prom day is fast approaching..but however i had manage  it and luckily i was crowed as the head-turner of the night.. oohh i miss prom how i wish i was in highschool now hahaha .....who never wanted to be in their best during the night??

Here are some Inspirations and styles i come about...  

Pink serenade
 a cute pink cocktail dress paired with gold beaded pumps and a clutch bag for you to look elegant. a bib necklace to accessorize  and give your look a spark.. plus the formal look of baby pink blazer but doesn't over power the girly elegant style..
for your make-up.. have a light one that doesn't over power your look. make it simple.. i bet you'll be stunning in this look in your night

my Cheetah in Red
 Red square cut-outs sheer dress. with matching cute ribbon tie on the waist. An Animal print cardigan and pumps would add up an edgy look at your style. with your tantalizing eyes with glimpse and sparkle..

Blue Surprise
Simple yet sophisticated.. walk in the crowd with confident on your glitter pumps, with a bit metallic ensemble to your look.... stand out and be glamorous and be a blue sweetheart of the night.

Modern Princess 

Royalty who said it is out of style... prove to yourself that you're a chic a modern princess in this chiffon light pink dress... a glimpse of gold to brighten your look and to standout in the crowd...

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