Friday, March 01, 2013

2012 memories

hello friends .. well i'm back again it's like I'm gone for a thousand years well... 
there's a lot of stuff to do and to finish on the last few months of 2012 and now its 2013 and I'm very thankful for what i have reached ... 

Here are some of the Things that I am very grateful about.. Thank you 2012.

1. Holding a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing

First I'm happy that I finally finished my degree in collage.. Bachelor of Science in Nursing last Mat 2012

There's a lot of tough moments and difficult times when I'm my college years. First my heart doesn't belong to nursing and it was very hard for me to adjust and to learn the heart of being a nurse by profession but at the end of the day i asked myself maybe I am meant to be here. I embraced it and be thankful to be able to enter this University and be a part of the College of Nursing.

I am also blessed that my fellow groupmates trusted me a lot and believed in my capabilities in leading them for 3 years..

My beloved group two "GRUPO pinagus-TWO" meaning the group that doesn't care in the world.. =) 

Our Section The BSN4-I with our cute and lovable mayor Camille,We are so lucky that she's been a part of our section.. being with her means no dull moments,  her laughter, naughty and green jokes will always be remembered...

The beginning until the end of journey being a student nurse..

our clinical graduation

2. Preparing for the June-july 2012 PNLE

It's just a month to prepare for this huge obstacle in my life taking the Philippine nursing licensure examination and my dreams of being a registered nurse will start in this exam. 
I graduated on the month of May and the board exam will be on the  last the last day of June. The two-day examination will determine my future. I took the PNLE at Cebu City and after that another month waiting for the results. and Finally i did make it. 

3. Becoming a Registered Nurse

taking an oath..

4. Being a Nurse Trainee

before the year ends I and me close friend Danz decided to practice our profession . We are so excited and start immediately. 

Here are some of my co-workers. 

 Thank you 2012 for all the blessings

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fantasy hairstyles #2

i'm so glad that i was able to post again about my hairstyles in which i'm so blessed that my previous fantasy hairstyle review had gathered a lot of views thank you so much (click here to view  Fantasy Hairstyle)
and now here's some of my new addictions...

Two sided sweet look

Wavy luxury

French braid headband + surprise braid at the back

back view ( i actually maid a two braids, the headband braid in which you can see at the top and this one at the back. . . and i gather it at the side to bring a big braid ,  ,. )

Fabulous side curls

Beach waves

Fish tail

this is actually not my hair. .  i was so bored during our review session that i planned to make a fish tail at my friend's hair. .  

Wet Look Royal

see my next hairstyle reviews. . . ='-'=

Thursday, May 31, 2012

We own the night

It was a blessed Saturday evening for us girls… at last we’re reunited and celebrated nang Vincent’s 22nd birthday… we’ve been in the same dorminatory before under the care of nuns.. i remember having a curfew at 8 in the evening were some of us students have classes that ends at around 8:30 but then i’m so glad that i become a part of this family that i’ve met these people and we build a wonderful friendship together…

for the theme of this celebration… animal prints..where we were like roaring tigers , leopards and me a cute cab lol…

meet the birthday celebrant VICENT MARIE CONDIMAN and we're messin' around while taking photos we're like a human background lol
Shoes- primadona

with my dear dormate lunlun. . coz we're sexy and free. .  and the c cupcake. . .
with my ever great friend kat. .

Shoesso-fab,  Dresskorean dresses, Belt- DIY
i'm  wearing a chiffon dress from a local korean store… i like it coz it’s so classy, and elegant…i think this animal print dress is sexy as well but it does maintain a conservative and girly look…

i also got this cute necklace at the same store where i bought my dress…
it does match my dress… i wore my fave glads coz i don’t want to ruin my night partying with my friends and i feel comfortable wearing this during night outs…\\
i feel like i've eaten a lot with all this mess but their mango shake is the best

starving to death lol. . .  me thinking oohh i want to eat pizza now

i will miss you everybody till next time party all night. . . 

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