Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fantasy hairstyles #2

i'm so glad that i was able to post again about my hairstyles in which i'm so blessed that my previous fantasy hairstyle review had gathered a lot of views thank you so much (click here to view  Fantasy Hairstyle)
and now here's some of my new addictions...

Two sided sweet look

Wavy luxury

French braid headband + surprise braid at the back

back view ( i actually maid a two braids, the headband braid in which you can see at the top and this one at the back. . . and i gather it at the side to bring a big braid ,  ,. )

Fabulous side curls

Beach waves

Fish tail

this is actually not my hair. .  i was so bored during our review session that i planned to make a fish tail at my friend's hair. .  

Wet Look Royal

see my next hairstyle reviews. . . ='-'=

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