Friday, January 27, 2012

one man with camera

I so love my new app from adroid market the " Onemanwithcamera"
this application offers a lot when it comes to taking cool photos

it provides 6 amazing completely different cameras to choose from.

 and of course there are 12 wonderful effects you should try too.

here are some of the photos that i've taken using these app. and believe me you will also love this camera application

Monday, January 23, 2012


Looking for great pieces?? Killer heels,,,,, must have shoes? 
now what are you waiting for  ASIANVOGUE offers a lot when it comes to fashion shoes, bags and they have a lot more to offer.. Great pieces at affordable price 

they offer a lot of choices and you don't need to waste a lot of time , money and effort for they come in virtual shop.. all you need to do is find a comfortable place have your laptop, galaxy tab, iphone, smartphone on and whatever gadget you have and just a click away .. SCAN, CHOOSE , CLICK , SUBMIT... and tadahh  sweat free... 

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Dream Wedding

It's every girls dream to be united in her one and only prince charming.. to be with him for better or worse, for richer, for poorer .. in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this forward until death do us part...

It is a once in a lifetime moment and i'm always dreaming of this fantasy wedding... dreaming that me and my boyfriend together in sickness and in health til death do us part... 

I got inspired by these pieces and i decided to blog about weddings and stuffs,,,

My boyfriend and I had been together for 6 years.. it's been ironic that I was 15 then and he's 23 when we first met each other... I'm in highschool and he's working... I don't like him at first coz' i think he's too old for me.. well what else can we say.. maybe we're meant for each other...

we've been through ups and downs .. a lot of trials but he never gave up on me that's what i love about him.. he was there for me at my best and love me the best at my worse.. 

our relationship at best was so complicated coz i'm still a minor and we use to keep it in private and only my family knows about... but now i'm so much grateful and happy that we can show the whole how how love keeps us together...

We was always there for me.. he always lift my spirit when i'm sad and cheers me up.. he takes care of me when i'm sick and stayed at my side to make me feel better/.. 

 i used to remember one time when i was exposed to varicella-zoster virus..and it is the worse thing that had happened to me... to don't want to have chicken pox especially the rash... i have plenty of rashes in my body and they were big.. i'm so sad and worried at the same place coz i don't want that thing to leave a scar at my skin.. but unfortunately they did... i really cried a lot for almost 2 weeks and the funny thing about it is that there is always a mirror beside me, checking every blisters in my face.. i feel very bad that time.. 

My boyfriend always check me and cheers me up.. he prepares my breakfast, and lunch everyday to make me feel better.. he never leaves me eventhough i feel that i am too ugly in my situation.. he will simple say that i'm always be beautiful in his eyes.. hahahah that all the rash will be gone soon and i don't need to worry...

We will always say that he loves beach wedding and i always said that it is nice but i love the traditional church weddings
my dream weddings: Roxanne Guinoo and Elton Yap

Nonito Donaire and Rachel Marcial

Friday, January 20, 2012

RED : for the WIN

This coming January 23 will be an epic day for us La Sallians for we will be celebrating the biggest clash of this year 2012: ANIMOLYMPICS...  As the five colleges ( College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business and Accountancy,College of Education,College of Engineering,And the college in which i belong the College of Nursing)  showcase their talents as skills in sports, cheering competition, best yells, cheer-dancedance-sports and a lot more...

This year who win and be crown as the overall champion.. Let's cheer and support our College... GO Nursing!!!

not to mention it's also my most awaiting time coz i will have a chance to dye my hair again hahahah no duty for one week... no one will reprimand me for my hair color... As a nursing student supporting my own college, i dyed my hair into Burgundy red with mix of golden red... 

it's kinda like this one... I'll post some other time for my actual hair shot.... and i'm lovin' it  though .. but i want to make it a bit lighter like this one...  I'm breaking the rules nah hahah

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fantasy hairstyles

This is great .. I'm sharing some cool hairstyles that must try,... they are so trendy and as well suits for your chosen styles... 
Wear the best hairstyles.... Experiment and be CONFIDENT!!
here are some hairstyles that i've tried..

Romantic Side Braid

Perfect Side Bun

Dazzling  Curls

Small curls + full bangs

BOHO chic

Sweet curls

I'll post more next time of my hairstyles...