Friday, January 20, 2012

RED : for the WIN

This coming January 23 will be an epic day for us La Sallians for we will be celebrating the biggest clash of this year 2012: ANIMOLYMPICS...  As the five colleges ( College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business and Accountancy,College of Education,College of Engineering,And the college in which i belong the College of Nursing)  showcase their talents as skills in sports, cheering competition, best yells, cheer-dancedance-sports and a lot more...

This year who win and be crown as the overall champion.. Let's cheer and support our College... GO Nursing!!!

not to mention it's also my most awaiting time coz i will have a chance to dye my hair again hahahah no duty for one week... no one will reprimand me for my hair color... As a nursing student supporting my own college, i dyed my hair into Burgundy red with mix of golden red... 

it's kinda like this one... I'll post some other time for my actual hair shot.... and i'm lovin' it  though .. but i want to make it a bit lighter like this one...  I'm breaking the rules nah hahah

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