Saturday, January 07, 2012

Concert Fever

GOSh I'm so Overwhelmed by all the upcoming 2012 foreign Concerts
 Yeeeppeee i'm so happy..

Simple Plan live in Manila 2012
First Simple Plan... a pop punk band... they are awesome and their music really rocks

katty perry: california dreams manila tour january 22 , 2012 

 Katty Perry.. one of those artists with unique music videos especially her "Califonia Girs"  and cool hairstyles.. And I'm so inlove with her songs .... 

The black star tour: avril lavigne live in manila 2012 

Avril Lavigne.. a pop punk singer... I've been listening to her songs since i was young and especially now she have an online  merchandising shop..  the clothes and accessories were great i really love her style 


and Lastly Evanescence.... when i first heard about it my heart beats so fast///.. and OMG AMY LEE.... she is my favorite singer and of course evanescence is my Favorite band i almost memorize all her songs and listen to it almost everyday... 

i remember winning best  in talent singing one of her songs " My Immortal "
I love the way she dressed up and the gothic styles .. I'm dying to see her in person.. I will always be Amy Lee's no fan... 

I feel like my heart had been crushed for a thousand times and i can't watch neither one of those concerts... my mama didn't permit me to go to Manila and watch AMY LEE coz it's far and i have no where to stay and no one will be there to pick me up at the airport and stuffs ... i fell like i'm fallin' into pieces... 

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