Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Ruins

It's been a long day for us, for my beloved family.... December the 31st will be a great start to end the year 2011.. all the memories , trials , sad events , happy thoughts , glorious moments,  will now come to end.. let's welcome the year 2012 with a great spirit and with a big bang... As what my boyfriend had said " Let's start the year with a new beginning, let's leave everything behind.." And i'm hoping that this 2012 will be a wonderful year for us.. for our family ... for our loved ones... for our friends.... and for everybody
 Let's rejoice!!!

We started the day with some family bonding... We went to this one of the tourists destination here in Negros Occidental "The Ruins " in which it is located at Talisay City...
A brief introduction of the place: it is an ancient mansion owned by the Lacson family.. What's great about the place is that it becomes a favorite venue for debuts, wedding receptions and other big events.. the place showcases it's beautiful infrastructures, landscapes, the azucarera, fountain, and the Mansion itself in which turns Gold when strikes by the sunset...

The front View of the Mansion
the Mansion from its side view
 The front View Facing the Garden

The Fountain...

    My Sister:  sa wakas naka kadto naman ko sa ruins hahaha
                       (sa wakas nakapunta na rin ako sa ruins hahaha)
                        (at last i was able to go here in ruins hahaha )  
hayaan na natin first time kasi hahaha    

Welcome to my Mansion ( hahahahah Kunwari sa akin)

The glass table serves as a props for tourists to have a nice reflection of the view in their photos... hahah isn't it great...

Mama: picturan ninyo ako. dali
          (take a picture of me)
Me and pam (my sister) : Haaaaaaaaaaayyyyy
Mama: kunwari stolen
Me and pam: pose na dali

 To know more about the place... visit Thanks!!

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